by Milestones

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Released on Savour Your Scene Records

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released June 24, 2012



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Milestones Ireland

We're a 5 piece Post-Hardcore band from Dublin, Ireland. Come hang out at shows and have the laugh.


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Track Name: Still Organs
I hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel
Where piss drips from the ceiling, and we're left feeling homeless minutes away from home.
This was the place we spent the first nights

Freezing lane ways where we wrote our names in case the world forgot we existed.

It's time to pick ourselves up

I miss the days our friends held us on their shoulders. Those were the days that we left to the vultures.
Track Name: Premonitions
I've got a couple of things to say
But I'm afraid to say them
In case you take it the wrong way
And leave me here to waste

I know I'm supposed to sit here
And write about how i feel
Well I can't always do what I'm supposed to

As nights get longer
My temper gets shorter
I regret nothing

If I leave this to fester, it'll just get worse and worse, and we're falling apart

As nights get longer my temper gets shorter I dont feel regret

This is not what I want
This is driving me to drink again
This isn't a shot at you
It's just the way it is
Don't make this harder than it has to be
Don't make me regret how I'm
Supposed to feel
I don't feel
Track Name: Old Hands
You were right I guess, but I'll never be wrong in anything, unless I say so that's the kind if person I am.

Lately I've been feeling restless,
Unable to sleep, to eat what I used to eat
And to tell the truth ive been thinking
I'm thinking myself to death

I've got a hundred thousand thoughts
Racing through my head
I've got a hundred thousand reasons to be lying in my bed but I can't sleep when I with my conscience

If you ask me I think I let my pride get in the way of making friends

I'm losing it a bit I think I lost control of my life leaving reason behind
I'm losing it a bit I spend every night alone fighting battles with my mind
Track Name: Graveside
Tying ropes around my feet again
I guess I'm going nowhere, unlike you.
At the end of this pen you're always going somewhere and it's somewhere I can't follow.
It takes it's toll on me.

I wish I could run away from endless weekdays spent worrying if I've been the best I could for the time we had.
If I could go back I would, and I'd make it better.
I'd make this time count.

Recently I've been sleeping when I should be awake because the night is really the worst time.
As subtle as a clock ticks you were gone and if there's one thing I've known all along is that there's just some things you can't undo.

And here I was thinking that ideas smarter than that, I'm living with the feeling you get when you know you should have gone for it.
And I just keep reminding myself that I can never go back.
So I'll tell you something, you don't already know: it's your face I keep seeing right by my shoulder just like a ghost.
Maybe I never learned to let go when I was young.

Days are passing like run on lines, I can't separate them anymore and as subtle as the clock ticks you were gone.

I would wait for a thousand years until the sun stopped rising and time ceased to exist.

I miss last week.
Track Name: Pound of Flesh
The road makes the sounds of the sea
It flows into me
And washes me away with the confidence that I used to feel

I miss the routines, the recurring dreams the weekends that became so austere

Don't get me wrong it felt safe I felt secure but not so much anymore

There is no shortage of hosts and deceivers, ready to accept and quick to forget.
Don't count on me, I can't help you with this
No matter what I say, I'll just come across as jealous.

To think you weren't who I thought you were
It hurts to know you could be so callous

I don't miss the company, but I miss the feeling, the sense of place and togetherness.

It seemed to me, with friends like these
Who else could be as lucky as me?
A year ago I would never have imagined life like this
So scared of losing what friends I have left
I wish I had known what I know now
But I let my guard down
For a second
Spent the last ten months kicking myself for all I said and I just lie here asking myself why that just this one time I couldn't get away with it.

Better days, and better ways of showing you how I felt.
I can't really do this anymore and it's making my head melt.
I stepped aside, and now these lines are the only thing I've left of you.

I can't believe this happened to us
My mind and confidence are totally crushed
I quiver and cower and grovel in the dirt
I paid my pound of flesh for all that I've done
Track Name: Ladders
We seal our mouths to survive
We're living on fumes here
In this pit we call a community instead
This pit we call community is dead

But community isn't what you'll see
The way they treat you
I've got no time for politics and deception between friends

this town is wasted on me

This town hasn't enough places for me to hide
And it keeps me up at night.

Take your misery and hold it inside
Nobody will talk to you if you cry
You don't seek attention but they'll pretend you do to get their own back
It's them against you

They'll climb on bodies
until they reach the top
And you're
crushed beneath the weight of their personality
They'll leave you for dead and with that said they'll give you hollow promises instead

This town hasn't got enough places for me to hide
And it keeps me up at night