by Milestones

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Part of our next release, Blight, which will be a 4 track tape released with Guys with Beards Records (guyswithbeardsrecords.tumblr.com) due to be released late Summer.

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released May 15, 2013

Recorded in Ciaran Parnell Studios.



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Milestones Ireland

We're a 5 piece Post-Hardcore band from Dublin, Ireland. Come hang out at shows and have the laugh.

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Track Name: Crutches
In time I might forget about the shit I put you through. But I'd rather not forget that you were a crutch for me to hold onto when it all came falling down brick by brick and I couldn't go to work so I forced myself to quit. But when times got hard you had faith in me and thankfully you had your heart in it.
If I close my eyes I get that sinking feeling in my chest that makes me scared for the future. It's not about to break my spirit because I've got my heart in it.

I'm so sick and tired of being sick and feeling tired.

I have a feeling that things will never be as bad as they're about to be, because you were part of me. I'm not about to lose myself without putting up a fight.
"These things take time", I kept saying to myself. As time went on I felt more and more unwell. I could feel it growing inside of me - a sickness. A hatred. I'm so sick and tired of being sick and feeling tired.
Track Name: Doldrums
You're like the ebb and flow of the tide
You leave me feeling worn down and then you sweep me away.
I lost heart so slowly I didn't feel it
I've become a bleached out shell of who I used to be.

That stagnant swamp at the foot of the mountain always was so captivating,
I dreamt of finding bones and bog bodies
Just another place that I can't go for fear of your face in my head.

So many boats in the bay,
The salty breeze made me feel so much older
I'll never forget that day when the rain came and I sat there for hours

From here on in, I sort my self out
I stop reliving mistakes and thinking about
The times I could have been a better man
So with my ear to the ground and my face in the sand I listen to the sound of the sea and i remember why i hate it because it haunts me in my sleep